Chukker 7 Polo Bridle Set

$179.00 $149.00

  • 3 piece set includes: Pelham Bridle with Reins, Polo Breastplate and Polo Martingale
  • Havana Brown
  • Made from soft and strong high-quality leather
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Are you in need of a bridle that is sure to transform your ride? The Chukker 7 Polo Bridle Set is the perfect way to enhance your athletic performance and to revitalize the look of your old, overused tack. This 3-piece set includes a Chukker 7 Polo Bridle with reins, a Chukker 7 Padded Polo Breastplate, and a Chukker 7 Polo Martingale.

Quality Pieces

The Chukker 7 Polo Bridle Set is composed of 3 professionally crafted pieces of tack.  Each of the 3 pieces that are included in this set are crafted with high-quality leather. This leather is designed to optimize the strength, durability, style, and performance of each piece of tack. This leather is also extremely soft and supple, providing your horse with maximum flexibility and comfort during athletic performance. The sleek, smooth finish is sure to give you and your horse a more sophisticated and polished look.

The Chukker 7 Polo Bridle Set is designed to accommodate any horse. Each piece is made with soft, smooth leather pieces that are designed to conform to the shape of your horse’s body to maximize comfort and optimize performance. These pieces also comes with various levels of adjustment, as well as easily manageable buckles to allow for secure attachments and quick and easy adjustments so that you can achieve the ideal settings for you and your horse.

Additional Attributes

The Chukker 7 Polo Bridle Set is designed to appeal to a wide range of horses and riders. This set comes in both a Havana Brown color and a lighter London Tan. These varying shades of brown are made to perfectly compliment the look of your tack. This bridle is also available in one standard size with varying levels of adjustment, made to fit any horse.

Transform your ride today with the Chukker 7 Polo Bridle Set! This new tack is sure to enhance your ride and give you and your horse a whole new athletic appearance.






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