DSB Patent Leather Dressage Boots

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  • made to provide ultimate comfort and protection
  • equipped with rugged vinyl exterior with a Coverlight™ strike area
  • tear, puncture and abrasion resistant
  • extremely durable
  • waterproof and resistant to fungicidal growth
  • made with easy strap application system
  • machine washable and easy to care for
  • available in a variety of sizes and color combinations
  • complete with sleek patent leather finish

Don’t just settle for your average dressage boots! Get the boots that are guaranteed to enhance your ride! The DSB Patent Leather Dressage Boots are crafted with superior quality and a professional athletic design. These boots are made to provide your horse with maximum comfort, optimal protection, and a one-of-a-kind style.

Professional Design

The DSB Patent Leather Dressage Boots are made with a patented protective design. These dressage boots are equipped with a rugged vinyl exterior with a Coverlight™ strike area. This material is tear, puncture, and abrasion resistant, designed to provide a substantial layer of protection around your horse’s lower legs. The DSB Patent Leather Dressage Boots are also waterproof and resistant to fungicidal growth. These boots are crafted to endure the stresses of your riding environment. Their extremely durable structure is designed to withstand a lifetime of wear.

In addition to their protective features, these dressage boots are also designed to provide superior comfort. The DSB Patent Leather Dressage Boots are lined with a soft layer of fleece, designed to cushion your horse’s legs and to prevent any uncomfortable sweating and rubbing.

The DSB Patent Leather Dressage Boots are also made with a practical strap system. These strong, wide Velcro straps provide a secure attachment to ensure maximum comfort, support, and stability.

Original DSB

You can also buy the original Dressage Sport Boots.

Additional Attributes

The DSB Patent Leather Dressage Boots are designed with a truly unique style. These dressage boots are available in black, pink, or silver, accented with your choice of a white or black fleece interior. They are also complete with a sleek patent leather finish to add a classic elegance to the overall style of your tack. These sport boots also come in a variety of sizes to accommodate a wide range of athletes.

Size Chart

Size Height Width
Small 10″ 10 1/4″
Medium 10 1/2″ 11″
Large 12″ 12 1/2″
Extra Large 13″ 13″


Transform your ride with the superior quality, unique style, and protective design of the DSB Patent Leather Dressage Boots! Get yours today!

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 4 in
Boot Color

Black, Silver, Pink

Fleece Color

Black, White


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1 review for DSB Patent Leather Dressage Boots

  1. Keeley (verified owner)

    Nice boots, I have only ridden in them a few times but they are very easy to clean thanks to the patent leather. The only issue I had was that I ordered the XL for my warmblood & they aren’t the same as in the pictures they come with three velcro straps and could only work as hind boots, now I’m hopping the Large will fit him in the front. other than that they are great.

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