Equiline Ash Ladies X-Grip Knee Patch Breeches


  • X-Grip enables better grip for higher performance
  • Choice of 8 colors: Beige, White, Grey, Avio Blue, Brown, Navy, Marsh and Red
  • Machine Washable – Easy Care
  • Retains like-new fit use after use

Equiline Ash Ladies X-Grip Knee Patch Breeches is the #1 selling show breech in North America and Europe! These breeches combine an athletic style with a comfortable fit.

Quality and Design

The Equiline Ash Ladies X-Grip Knee Patch Breeches are made with a patented Schoeller textile treatment. This fabric allows permanent elasticity for maximum flexibility and a wide range of motion during performance. The material of these breeches is also designed to keep you cool and dry throughout your ride by repelling moisture and sweat. These breeches are also designed with E-Plus Superior microfiber. This flexible microfiber design ensures optimum comfort and durability for a lifetime of wear.

Special Features

The Equiline Ash Ladies X-Grip Knee Patch Breeches are designed to optimize your performance with a one-of-a-kind technological design. These breeches are crafted with silicon-treated X-Grip knee patches. This design helps you to maintain a proper position by preventing you from slipping and sliding in your saddle and by providing you with a more secure and stable grip.

The Equiline Ash Ladies X-Grip Knee Patch Breeches are also made with a technical fastening at the ankles. The addition of a soft, stretchable fabric at the bottoms of these breeches provides a perfect adherence on the leg. These fastenings also allow your breeches to fit smoothly inside your boots without lumps or wrinkles that could result from a standard Velcro attachment.

Size Chart

The Equiline Ash Ladies X-Grip Knee Patch Breeches are crafted with a waist-block system to provide a secure fit and flattering fit. These breeches are available in a variety of colors to accommodate the style of every rider. They also come in a wide range of sizes and are designed to flatter every figure.

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