Equiline Custom Shadbelly


  • Machine Washable
  • X-Cool fabric keeps you cool and dry
  • Over 700 custom options

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You’ve browsed through the Equiline collection of dressage shadbellies. You have also seen other riders wearing the Equiline Cadence shadbelly. You like the style and fit, but have not found “your” shad yet. If this sounds like you, read on…

Did you know you can easily customize (and personalize) your Equiline Shadbelly? Starting 2015, the options for customization are endless. From the collar to the buttons, you can design your own personalized shad.

Delivery Time

Typical delivery times vary from 5 to 7 weeks. However, depending on the schedule, we have delivered as soon as 4 weeks. Typically, we will ship the shadbelly out the same day as it arrives. During the entire process, we will keep you posted. If there are any delays beyond 8 weeks, you will be notified in advance. Please keep these delivery times in mind when you are planning your show season.


We have outlined how in 4 easy steps you can create your own custom Equiline tailcoat.

How to customize your Equiline Cadence Shadbelly

How to customize your Equiline Cadence Shadbelly









































Step-by-step guide for customizing Equiline Dressage Shadbelly

Step 1: Pick the base color

5 colors are available for your custom shad

Colors for Equiline Cadence Shadbelly

Colors for Equiline Cadence Shadbelly






Step 2: Select the color for Collar and Points

Starting with 2015, you can now select different color options for the collar than points. You are not restricted to picking the same color for the collar and points. In fact, now you can even pick different fabrics as well: Alcantara or Satin. For example, you can select Satin Blue collar with Sea Sand Alcantara Points.

Alcantara and Satin Options for Equiline Custom Shad

Pick color and fabric options for Equiline Custom Shad





















Step 3: Piping for Collar and Points

Once again (as in Step 2), you can select different piping options and colors for the collar than the points. Piping Options offered are: Classic Fabric Piping, Piping with Metal Ornament, Piping with Rhinestones, Piping with Glitter. Each option is further subdivided into a few color choices.

Piping (cord) options for custom Equiline Shadbelly

Piping (cord) options for custom Equiline tailcoat

Piping with Metal Ornament

Piping with Metal Ornament


Piping with Rhinestones

Piping with Rhinestones


Glitter Piping

Glitter Piping















Step 4: Buttons

This is the simplest of all the steps. 6 different buttons are available, ranging from standard to Blue Rhinestones.


















You have over 700 different reasons to customize your shadbelly. So if you are in the market for a new Equiline Shadbelly, consider going the custom route. You can follow the 4 step process above. If you have any questions or would like to see pictures of our other customer’s creations, we will be glad to share those with you. We have helped hundreds of customers design their custom shadbelly. The final custom shadbelly has exceeded their expectations.

When you are ready, just call/text us at 954-304-3318 or Contact UsWe can ship you the entire customization kit along with a standard Equiline Cadence shadbelly for sizing. This way, you can see (not just imagine) how your custom Equiline shadbelly will look like.



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