Free Jump Safety Stirrups Soft Up Pro


  • Ships SAME Day from Wellington, Florida
  • Open eyelet allows easy-on easy-off with Freejump Stirrup Leathers
  • Can be used with your own Stirrup Leathers

Freejump Safety Stirrups Soft Up Pro

The best safety stirrups in the world.  The innovation and years of dedicated Research and Development (R & D) has yielded the Freejump Soft Up Pro Stirrups. With Freejump, there is no compromise on the safety, comfort and performance. Freejump stirrups are noted for their record in safety. Free Jump Stirrups also have a non-slip surface for higher stability. It has no moving parts that can go bad. The Free Jump Soft Up Pro Stirrups are aesthetically pleasing. Safety Matters in riding. Best of all, the stirrups can be easily wiped clean, maintaining the new look! Discover the Freejump experience.

The design of the Free Jump Stirrups enables a comfortable foot position, which in turn, allows better position. Better foot position means less pressure on your knees and higher performance. The beveled leading edge makes it easy to slip your foot in.

What Makes Freejump Stirrups Safe ?

Freejump Stirrups are designed with safety as the top goal. The outer branch of the stirrup is flexible for allowing release in the event of a fall/accident. The rider can easily slide their foot free from the stirrup. Traditional stirrups do not offer this safety design. The outer branch of the Freejump Stirrups is made from a special material called “Ellastollan” which can withstand large amounts of pressure.

Comfort and Performance

The extra wide tread on the stirrups enables a solid resting position for the feet. Better position yields increased stability. As any riders will testify, better stability means higher performance.

The Freejump Stirrups feature an open eye for fastening to the single strap Freejump Stirrup Leathers. This makes it quick and easy to attach and detach the stirrups.

Resistance and Reliability

A single branch of tempered steel runs inside the stirrups. It can withstand 1200 MPa. Each stirrups is subjected to 800 N (force) over 1 million stress cycles per stirrup. Ellastollan overmoulding. These stirrups undergo serious testing. The tread is made from Ixef 1022 (fiberglass loaded polyarylamide).

Quite simply, Free Jump Stirrups are the top safety stirrups. These innovative stirrups have solved a long-standing problem. The outer branch of the Freejump Stirrups are made from a flexible material that enables foot release in the event of an accident. Free jump Soft Up Stirrups are made from tempered spring steel. The material has resistance of 1200 MegaPascals. That means the branch has been tested with extreme force without failure. The outer branch of the Free Jump Stirrups is made from a flexible material called Elastollan. This feature assists in freeing the foot in case of a fall.


Freejump design office is at LOOK Cycle.

Don’t forget the stirrup leathers

One of the other innovative features of the Free Jump Safety Stirrups is the open eye for fastening the Freejump Stirrup Leathers. You simply slide the stirrup leather in the open eye and voila, you are ready to ride. Free

From The Manufacturer


  • Patented flexible outer branch made of Elastollan (helps free the foot in case of a fall). Single Branch safety stirrup.


  • Open eye for fastening to the single strap Freejump Stirrup Leathers. 45 ° angle eye for a perfect foot position.
  • Branch situated at the front of the tread for a natural slope. Rectilinear bevelled rear leading edge for better lateral stability.
  • Extra wide tread, elastomer grip. Exclusive LOOK CYCLE technology nonslip studded tread surface.

Resistance and Reliability

  • Tempered steel single-branch with extra high mechanical resistance (1200 MPa).
  • Poly amide long fiber overmolding. Dynamic resistance test guaranteed to 700 N over 1 million stress cycles per stirrup.
  • Tread made of Ixef 1022 (fiberglass loaded with polyarylamide).
  • Screw fastened protective cover.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 6 in

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