Freejump Boots Fly One Soft Up


Freejump Fly One Soft Up Boots are made from impregnated leather and PEBAX (polyether block amides). The high performance of PEBAX makes it ideal for usage in Freejump Fly One ‘Soft Up’ Boots. Freejump Fly One boots are unisex. Worn by some of the top riders (Rodrigo Pessoa, Marco Kutcher, Ludger Beerbaum, Kevin Staut), these riding boots are known for their light weight and comfort. Most shoes feel hard and stiff when worn the first few times. With the Freejump Fly One ‘Soft Up’ Boots, that problem is eliminated. These boots have no break-in period.

FLY’ONE is THE riding shoe designed for wear in competition, combining an exceptional level of elegance, performance and above all comfort thanks to its exclusive design and the association of the very best materials and techniques (impregnated leather and PEBAX).

Colour: Black


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