Freejump Liberty Air Chaps [SALE]



The Freejump Liberty Air Chaps are professionally crafted with the latest technologically advanced design! These chaps are made to enhance your ride by providing you with a comfortable fit and athletic quality.

Athletic Quality and Design

The Freejump Liberty Air Chaps have 2 sets of zippers, one in the front and another in the back. The front zipper is for fastening the chaps. The back zipper is a 3/4 zipper. It does not go from top to bottom, but instead starts a bit above the ankle area and ends in the back of the knee.  These chaps are also designed to provide maximum comfort. They are equipped with a specialized breathable elastic fabric beneath the rear zipper. This design is formulated to provide maximum ventilation to cool the hardest working parts of your body.

The Freejump Liberty Air Chap are also designed improve contact with your saddle. These chaps provide a close-contact fit, allowing you to firmly grip your saddle. They work to prevent you from slipping and sliding against your saddle, keeping your leg in the proper position. These chaps are also designed with unbeatable quality and durability. They are completely waterproof, made to endure the longest of days and the toughest of rides.

Boot Compatibility

The Freejump Liberty Air Chaps are compatible with the Free Jump Liberty Boots. Theseproducts are designed to work together to create the look and feel of a tall boot.


Height →Calf ↓  42 – 43 cm  43 – 44 cm 44 – 45 cm  45 – 46 cm  46 – 47 cm 47 – 48 cm  48 – 49 cm  49 – 50 cm  50 – 51 cm  51 cm +
30 – 31 cm  XXS XXS XXST
31 – 32 cm XS XS XST
32 – 33 cm  SS  S S  S  ST  ST  ST
33 – 34 cm  SS  MS MS  MS  M  M  M  MT  MT
34 – 36 cm  MS MS  MS  M  M  MT  MT  MT
36 – 38 cm  LS  LS  L  L  L  LT  LT
38 – 40 cm  LS  LS  L  L  LT  LT  LT
40 – 42 cm  XLS  XLS  XL  XL  XL  XL
42 – 44 cm  XXL  XXL  XXL  XXL


Here is the official FreeJump Graphic Size Chart:

Free Jump Size Chart for Chaps

The Freejump Liberty Air Chaps are professionally crafted with an athletic style and quality like no other. The revolutionary design of these chaps is meant to enhance your ride by providing you with optimum comfort, maximum ventilation, and a sophisticated style. Get your Freejump Liberty Air Chaps today!

Weight 2 lbs

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  1. Robert W.

    Excellent Concept

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