Prestige Italia Stirrup Leathers



Have your stirrup leathers become old and worn? Does your tack need a new touch? Get the best in quality and performance with the Prestige Italia Stirrup Leathers! These stirrup leathers are unlike any other! Professionally crafted in Italy, the Prestige Italia Stirrup Leathers are specially designed to optimize your athletic performance.

Specially Formulated Design

The Prestige Italia Stirrup Leathers are crafted with the finest quality leather. This leather is soft, smooth, and perfectly rounded to prevent excessive rubbing and damage to the leather of your saddle. This leather is also very flexible, ensuring maximum usage without drying or tearing. These stirrup leathers are also engineered with a nylon center. This nylon foundation helps ensure strength and durability and prevents the leather of these stirrup leathers from stretching and tearing. One of the most unique features of the Prestige Italia Stirrup Leathers is its low profile design. The plated portion of these stirrup leathers below the buckle is a mere 4 mm thick. This structure allows these stirrup leathers to lay more flat under the skirt of your saddle to prevent any uncomfortable lumps or bumps.

Additional Attributes

The Prestige Italia Stirrup Leathers are available in a variety of lengths with a wide range of settings. The buckles on these stirrup leathers are easily manageable to ensure quick and easy adjustments to that you can achieve the length that suits your needs. These stirrup leathers are also easy to attach to and remove from your saddle. They come in a range of colors, designed to perfectly compliment the look of your tack.

Transform your ride today with the quality and athleticism of the Prestige Italia Stirrup Leathers!

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