Prestige Stephi Aluminum Stirrups


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Does your tack need a new touch? The Prestige Stephi Aluminum Stirrups are the perfect way to enhance your ride! These stirrups are specially formulated in Italy and are professionally crafted to incorporate style, quality, and performance.

Core Components

The Prestige Stephi Aluminum Stirrups are crafted from solid aluminum to ensure a strong and sturdy foundation. The branches of these stirrups are fastened to the tread with stainless steel screws and are held tight with an anaerobic-type sealant to ensure maximum durability.

Technical Design

The Prestige Stephi Aluminum Stirrups are made with a one-of-a-kind advanced technology that is sure to transform your ride. The attachment of the stirrup leathers is rotated at an angle to the arched branches of the stirrup to allow for easy attachment, removal, and adjustment. This feature also helps the stirrup maintain a stable position. These stirrups are turned outward to enable riders to easily regain their footing if they lose their stirrup. The grip of these stirrups is also specially formulated to help riders maintain a secure and balanced position. The patented gripping surface of these stirrups is designed to provide exceptional traction, as well as maximum comfort. The first row of teeth on the footplate are angled to ensure maximum grip. The Prestige Stephi Aluminum Stirrups are also designed with a smooth surface. The branches of these stirrups are smoothed on the inside to allow riders to easily remove their feet from the stirrups in the event of a fall. The outside of the branches are also smoothed to avoid cutting and bruising on your horse. The front of the tread is also smooth to prevent any damage to your saddle.

Additional Attributes

The Prestige Stephi Aluminum Stirrups are available in a variety of classically elegant colors, designed to perfectly compliment the look of your tack. These stirrups are designed to endure repeated wear and tear. The special design of the grip is formulated to dislodge accumulating dirt that may tarnish the look of these stirrups.

Experience the quality and performance of the Prestige Stephi Aluminum Stirrups! Transform your ride today!





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