Samshield Premium Replacement Liner


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Are you tired of smelling the sweat and and feeling the grim inside your helmet? With the Samshield Premium Replacement Liner, there’s no need for a new helmet! This product will extend the life of your helmet by replacing the inner lining with a whole new piece that is sure to keep you feeling clean and refreshed.

The Samshield Premium Helmet is made to provide protection, stability, and comfort. It is professionally crafted with technologically advanced protective equipment, including a polycarbonate outer shell and an inner shell made of polystyrene with variable density to provide effective distribution of energy during impact. While these protective features are designed to remain solid and intact for a lifetime of wear, the inner lining of this helmet can easily become tattered. Because this part of your helmet is constantly exposed to sweat and, therefore, bacteria, it can develop an everlasting odor and can easily become stained with dirt. Although the Samshield Premium Helmet Lining is washable, repeated use, along with over-washing, can wear it out. This causes the helmet to lack stability and comfort, and interferes with the overall fit.

With the Samshield Premium Replacement Liner, you no longer have to deal with the odor of sweat and filth inside your helmet. This product gives you the opportunity to start fresh, restoring the overall comfort, stability, and fit of your helmet to make it look and feel just like new!

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