Security Tech Stirrups – “Venice”


  • Safety Mechanism for Security
  • Made In Italy

These Security Stirrups – “Venice” have been designed with safety as the first priority. The stirrups are equipped with a magnetic mechanism that allows the escape of the foot if needed. The magnetic system reverts back to its original position after the release.

The moving part is connected to the foot board of the stirrup that prevents it from opening under normal conditions. The release mechanism is deployed only when a certain weight limit is exceeded.

These Aluminium stirrups are Made In Italy. They are fitted with Blocked Screws. A 20 micron anodization treatment is applied on the stirrups to keep them looking like new. The grip on the footboard is designed to resist accumulation of dirt and water.

Size Specifications:

Weight: 400 grams (0.88 lbs)

Tread Size: 125 mm long x 65 mm wide (4 3/4″)





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