VRTACK Elastic Martingale Fork

$52.50 $19.99

  • made with stretchable rolled elastic
  • intricately stitched to provide maximum durability
  • equipped with patented Eco-Tan leather
  • complete with stainless steel rings and buckle for attachment
  • designed with a smooth, sleek finish for a superior look
  • comes in one standard size
  • available in a rich brown color to match the rest of your tack
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Enhance your ride with the VRTACK Elastic Martingale Fork! This martingale fork is designed to add the perfect touch to your tack

Professional Design

The VRTACK Elastic Martingale Fork is made with patented Eco-Tan Leather. This leather is manufactured with a one-of-a-kind , environmentally friendly technique. This technique incorporates the use natural biodegradable oils to develop the color of the leather, avoiding toxic dyes or hazardous chemicals that cause ecological damage. This high-quality leather is extremely strong and thick, designed to withstand the stresses of repeated wear. It is lined with intricate stitching to ensure a durable foundation. The leather of the VRTACK Elastic Martingale Fork is also complete with a smooth, sleek finish to add a more polished look to your tack.

The VRTACK Elastic Martingale Fork is also designed with stretchable elastic sides. This elastic is both thick and durable. It is designed to provide the perfect amount of tension to keep your horse’s head in place, as well as an ideal amount of give to allow him room to move and flex comfortably.

Additional Features

The VRTACK Elastic Martingale Fork is complete with stainless steel hardware. The two top rings and single bottom buckle allow for easy attachment. This martingale fork also comes in a standard size, designed to fit any athlete. It is available in a rich brown color, designed to perfectly match the rest of your tack!

Transform your ride and experience the athletic quality and designed of the VRTACK Elastic Martingale Fork! Get yours today!




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