VRTACK Gogue Training Aid


Get the perfect piece of tack that is sure to completely transform your ride! The VRTACK Gogue Training Aid is designed to help you achieve your riding goals by increasing your horse’s understanding and responsiveness.

Quality Design

The VRTACK Gogue Training Aid is designed with quality leather. This leather is both smooth and supple to provide maximum comfort and flexibility for your horse. This leather is also complete with softly rounded edges to prevent any uncomfortable sweating or rubbing that could be caused by the stiff edges of average leather. This training device is complete with a sleek, polished finish to give your horse a more refined look.

The VRTACK Gogue Training Aid is equipped with two nylon cords that feed through the bit rings on each side. These cords then attach to the breast strap that passes between the horse’s forelegs, forming a triangular shape. This design allows ideal room for adjustment. It provides your horse with a reasonable range of motion, as well as gives you the leverage and support you need for sufficient control without the constant tension of a firmer pulling device.

The VRTACK Training Chambon is designed with stainless steel hardware. Its easily manageable buckles, snaps, and loops make this device the ideal training tool. This device is available in an elegant Havana Brown color, designed to perfectly compliment the rest of your tack. It comes in one standard size and is able to accommodate any horse and rider.


The VRTACK Gogue Training Aid can be used for in-hand work, loose schooling, lunging, or ridden work. It acts upon your horse’s poll and the bit to put pressure on the corners of his mouth. This corrects your horse when he extends his head beyond that which is desired. Pressure is placed downwards and backwards to lower his head and to bring his nose in. The gogue training aid is ideal for developing a greater suppleness through your horse’s back, and therefore a looseness in pace. This tool is also helpful in strengthening the hindquarters and back muscles and encourages your horse to ride in the desired framed position.

Experience the quality and performance of the VRTACK Gogue Training Aid today!


Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 6 × 2 in



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