VRTACK Patent Leather Double Bridle




Are you looking for the perfect piece of tack to enhance your performance and transform your riding style? The VRTACK Patent Leather Double Bridle is professionally crafted to redefine your ride!

Athleticism and Style

The VRTACK Patent Leather Double Bridle is crafted with high-quality leather. This leather is both soft and supple to ensure flexibility and to provide your horse with maximum comfort. This bridle is also designed with a padded headpiece, browband, and noseband. These softly lined features provide additional comfort by cushioning the most sensitive parts of your horse’s face. The VRTACK Patent Leather Double Bridle is also designed with rounded edges and a smooth finish to elegantly frame your horse’s face while preventing any uncomfortable pinching or rubbing that could result from the stiff leather of your ordinary bridle.

The VRTACK Patent Leather Double Bridle is crafted with a one-of-a-kind elegant style. The noseband and browband of this bridle are lined with decorative patent leather. This glossy leather material adds the perfect shine to the classic look of this bridle. This patterned patent leather is the defining feature of this bridle that is sure to make is stand out above the rest. The leather of this bridle is a sleek black, while the browband and noseband are lined with a sleek dark blue color.

Additional Attributes

The VRTACK Patent Leather Double Bridle comes in black leather with blue patent leather accents. This bridle is available in both Horse and Cob sizes. This bridle is also equipped with various levels of adjustment so that you can alter the precise fit of each piece to better accommodate your horse. This patent leather double bridle is also equipped with stainless steel buckles that are sure to provide a secure fit and allow for quick and easy adjustments.

Transform your ride and experience the quality, style, and athleticism of the VRTACK Patent Leather Double Bridle!

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 11 × 2 in




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