VRTACK Premium Hunt Bridle



Do you want to add a new touch to your ride? The VRTACK Premium Hunt Bridle is the perfect piece that is sure to transform the look and feel of your everyday tack! This bridle is professionally crafted with a one-of-a-kind style and athletic quality.

Quality Design

The VRTACK Premium Hunt Bridle is made with the finest quality leather. This leather is tough and strong to provide a durable structure for this bridle. This leather is also designed with a smooth finish and rounded edges to provide a closer, more comfortable fit. The pieces of this bridle are extremely flexible to allow your horse to move freely. The VRTACK Premium Hunt Bridle is also equipped with a padded noseband. Cushioned with a soft, smooth inner lining, the noseband of this bridle is designed to provide your horse with additional comfort . This feature is designed to help prevent uncomfortable sweating or rubbing that could occur from the stiff leather of your average bridle.

Additional Attributes

The VRTACK Premium Hunt Bridle is complete with stainless steel hardware. Its easily manageable buckles allow for secure attachments and quick and easy adjustments. This bridle is also designed with double stitching. This intricate stitching provides a more durable foundation for this bridle and helps to prevent wearing and tearing of the leather. The VRTACK Premium Hunt Bridle comes in both Horse and Cob sizes. There are various levels of adjustment so that you can alter the precise fit of each piece to better accommodate your horse. This bridle comes in a rich Havana Brown. This classically elegant color is sure to add a  refreshing look to your tack!

The VRTACK Premium Hunt Bridle is complete with a pair of quality leather reins. These braided reins are 3/4″ wide and come in a matching shade of brown that will perfectly complete the look of this bridle. They are sure to enhance your ride by providing you with a more comfortable hold, a firmer grip, and a more constant connection.

Redefine your ride! Experience the excellence of the VRTACK Premium Hunt Bridle today!





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