VRTACK Racing Rubber Reins

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Does your tack need a new touch? Transform the look and feel of your ride with the VRTACK Racing Rubber Reins! These reins are unlike any other! They are crafted with professional quality and style, designed to redefine your ride.

 Athletic Design

The VRTACK Racing Rubber Reins are crafted with high-quality buffalo leather. This leather is strong and tough, cut thick to ensure maximum durability and to prevent excessive wear and tear. This leather is also complete with a sleek, polished finish and smoothly rounded edges that is sure to add a superior look to your tack. These reins are extremely flexible and easy to use. They are extra wide so that they are easy to hold, helping you to maintain constant contact. The VRTACK Racing Rubber Reins are also designed with a rubber non-slip surface. These rubber reins provide an easy grip, preventing your hands from slipping and keeping the reins firmly in place between your fingers.

Additional Features

The VRTACK Racing Rubber Reins are designed with intricate double stitching to ensure a strong and durable foundation . These reins are available with your choice of traditional buckle ends or with loop ends. The inner loop of these reins is lined with an extra layer of leather for additional support and maximum strength. These reins come in your choice of a rich Havana Brown color or a lighter London Tan. These varying shades of brown are designed to perfectly match the look of your everyday tack, while adding a new and refreshing look. the VRTACK Racing Rubber Reins come in a standard size of 60 inches long by 1 inch wide. These reins are designed to accommodate any horse and rider!

The VRTACK Racing Rubber Reins are guaranteed to provide you with the leverage and support you need to perform successfully. These reins are easy to hold and are sure to provide you with a firmer grip and more constant control. Experience the quality and style of the VRTACK Racing Rubber Reins today!

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