VRTACK Softback Exercise Saddle

$225.00 $79.99

  • Built on Strong Polymer Tree
  • Nylon Reinforced Double Layer Leather Billets
  • Softback Seat

Polymer Tree

This softback exercise saddle is built on a strong polymer tree. The unbreakable flexible polymer tree is unlike the rigid tree made from cast Aluminium. The saddle flexed with the horse’s back. It allows unrestricted movement. Double skin, nylon reinforced & double titched Strong billets. Best Soft Leather seat and Wide Panel side comfortable for jockey and horse.


This softback exercise saddle weighs under 6 lbs.


The VRTACK Softback Exercise Saddle is made with the finest quality leather. This leather is strong and tough to ensure maximum durability. It is also both soft and supple to allow flexibility.This saddle is designed to optimize your performance by providing you with a comfortably padded seat, as well as a secure and balanced position. The VRTACK Softback Exercise Saddle is also designed with a steel-covered unbreakable fiberglass half tree. This structure provides a sturdy foundation for this saddle to ensure durability and to avoid excessive wearing and tearing on the components of this saddle that could result from the stresses of repeated use. The strength of this exercise saddle will allow it to maintain its position even during the most vigorous riding activity.

The VRTACK Softback Exercise Saddle is crafted with a lightweight, aerodynamic design. It is made to enhance your performance without adding excessive weight that could hinder your horse and limit his level of activity. This saddle is equipped with double-leather billets, lined with an inner layer of nylon. These billets are guaranteed to endure the stresses of supporting this saddle and are extremely resistant to wear and tear. This exercise saddle also includes stainless steel hardware to ensure maximum durability and strength.

The VRTACK Softback Exercise Saddle comes in one standard size, designed to accommodate a wide range of riders. This saddle is also available in variety of colors to perfectly compliment the look of your tack and to add a stylish flare to your ride.

This saddle is guaranteed to enhance your performance. It is designed with a strong and durable foundation to ensure a lifetime of wear. It has a soft, easy-to-grip seat so that you can maintain a secure and balance position throughout your ride. Experience the style and quality of the VRTACK Softback Exercise Saddle today!


Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 12 × 10 in

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