Freejump Liberty Boots – Revolution in show jumping boots

2011 : Freejump introduces Fly One

When Freejump first introduced its first paddock boots and mini chaps (called the Fly’ One and Fly Two) in 2011, it was a revolutionary change.  Some admired the innovative concept, some early adopters even bought the new boots and chaps collection. Here is why this concept was groundbreaking:

The Fly One Paddock boots could be used in conjunction with the Fly One Mini Chaps. However, these were not ordinary paddock boots and mini-chaps. These were specially designed to go together in order to be used as tall boots for competition use. In fact, when worn together, the Fly One Boots and Chaps fit so incredibly well, that it was hard to tell they were two separate pieces. The best thing about the boots and chaps combo is that they fit comfortably and securely. The added good looks were a bonus. Unlike tall boots, Freejump Boots did not sag or wrinkle.

Fly One Padsock Boots
The original Fly One Paddock boots from Freejump
Fly Two Boots from FreeJump
Fly Two Boots from FreeJump
Fly One Boots and Chaps from FreeJump
Fly One Boots and Chaps

Where the Fly One boots and Chaps were meant for show and competition use, the Fly Two were intended for everyday use. The Fly Two boots were built to withstand the pressure from all day use.

The Fly One Boots were designed with a roll up velcro to attach the boots to the mini chaps. The velcro hook and strap enclosure ensures that the chaps stay in place. This concept was simple was appealing and ingenious. The paddocks boots could be worn individually without half-chaps, when working around the barn.

In time, the Freejump Boots and Chaps were Fly’ ing high. Despite the newness of the concept and relatively low brand recognition, Freejump had found a piece of the market pie.

Fast Forward to 2013 : Freejump Liberty Boots

In 2013, Freejump introduced a revamped boot product line-up. Enter the Freejump Liberty Collection. In concept, the Liberty Boots and Mini-Chaps were similar. But the look of the Liberty boots was fresh and modern. The Freejump Liberty Boots are uni-sex and designed in a way to look appealing for both men and women.

Once again, there were two different product lines: Freejump Liberty Boots for show and competition use, Freejump Liberty XC Boots for everyday use as well as show use. The differences between the two kinds of boots start from the bottom up. The Freejump Liberty Boots are uni-soled boots; the sole is attached to the boot upper with a strong adhesive. There are no seams in the sole. The toe box is narrower and curvier, making for a slicker look. The Freejump Liberty XC Boots are made from a thicker leather; the sole is attached to the upper via adhesive and stitching.

Similarly the Freejump Liberty mini-chaps are designed for competition use. They feature a front-zipper fastening system.  In addition, the Freejump Liberty mini-chaps also come with a 3/4 length zipper in the back for ventilation. After riding, just undo the back zipper for much needed ventilation. The stretch fabric behind the zipper enables air flow.

Here is a handy table for comparison of the two product lines:

Freejump Liberty System Freejump Liberty XC System
Designed for exclusive competition use  For competition and everyday use
Seamless Boots  Double re-inforced sole (stitching and adhesive)
Choice of trim colors in the boots – Black, Red, Purple, Blue  Black and Brown
 Narrow curved toe box enables a sharp look  Square shaped toe box
Dual Zipper (front zipper for fastening, back zip for ventilation)  Traditional back-zip fastening system
 Invisible Front Zip System  Traditional heavy-duty back zipper
 Liberty Boots can be worn with Liberty Chaps and Liberty XC Chaps  Liberty XC Boots can only be worn with Liberty XC Chaps


Freejump Liberty Air Chaps
Freejump Liberty Air Chaps


Freejump Liberty XC Boots
Freejump Liberty XC Boots and Chaps













A lot of riders already knew about Freejump from before, so it was easy to transition to the Freejump Liberty Boots. The Liberty System includes a re-design of the boot-chaps attachment system. Instead of the back fold up velcro attachment, the boots feature a small tab through which the chaps can be attached. The chaps have a slide through mechanism on the outer side through which the velcro strap from the boot can be inserted for attachment.

The result is a lighter boot system. The Liberty Boots come in 4 colors for the sole trim: Black, Blue, Red and Purple.

Ride in Style with Free Jump Liberty Boots and Liberty Chaps Side View
Freejump Liberty Black Boots
Freejump Liberty Purple Boots and Chaps
Freejump Liberty Purple Boots
Freejump Liberty Blue Boots and Chaps
Freejump Liberty Blue Boots


Freejump Liberty XC Boots
Freejump Liberty XC Boots


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